•Every product manufactured is made from high quality gauge steel. Each piece is hand painted with automotive grade paint with a protective clear-coat.

• Please be sure to add the last name and year started service.

• This item measures 15" by 6"

• This item is normally purchased with a badge and is hung below it. It can go with a flag or be a single item to be hung by itself.  

• This design can be attached with chains or you can hang it separately if purchased with a badge.

•Single Plate – Single plate consisting of the cut-out image.

•Single Layer $30

•Double Plate – Two plates of metal attached back to back creating dimension. Top plate has cut out of image. Bottom plate is used as a background to the top plate. The back layer will have the color you will see coming through the cut out on the top layer. The backing is an additional $15.

•Double Layer $45

•If you would like it doubled layered (which means there is a backing) in options choose yes. 

•Please contact us for larger sizes.

• Every Design is made specifically to be hung on your wall. We design every piece with specific mounting holes for that purpose. For double layered name tags we weld a bracket onto the back for hanging unless you have chosen to have chains attched.


Service Name Plate